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Offshore Trusts and Offshore Foundations

  • Offshore Trust Services

    Offshore Trust Services

    An offshore trust can serve as a secure asset protection tool for high net worth individuals, organizations and corporations alike, and are an increasingly popular choice amongst investors…

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  • Asset Protection Techniques

    Asset Protection Techniques

    EFSAG can provide you with a tailor-made and professional offshore trust or foundation solution that will utilize the best international asset protection techniques available…

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  • Offshore Foundation Services

    Offshore Foundation Services

    We offer specialist asset protection and tax planning experience and a comprehensive range of offshore foundation services to ensure your wealth management needs are met…

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  • Asset Protection Services

    Asset Protection Services

    In addition to trusts and foundations, EFSAG offer a range of asset protection services, including corporate structuring, tax planning, company registration and professional consultancy…

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  • Additional Trust Services

    Additional Trust Services

    EFSAG can offer you a selection of additional trust services, including; bank accounts, tax planning, life insurances, inheritance consultancy, and residency and citizenship solutions…

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What My Offshore Trust Offers

Properly organized asset protection strategies such as offshore trust and offshore foundation formations, can help you not only preserve your wealth, but can also offer you more flexible wealth management and freedom to distribute your assets as you see fit.

Asset protection processes are relatively complex by nature and require not only specialist knowledge of trust and foundation laws and set up procedures in individual jurisdictions, but also expertise on an international cross-border basis, in a wide range of fields. These include real estate, inheritance, banking, corporate and other matters, which will enable a realistic assessment of the goals and intentions of a potential client.

EFSAG has many years of experience in trust formation to achieve tax planning and asset protection needs of individuals and companies across the globe. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of trust services from initial consultation, to the set up and effective management. In addition, we can provide trustee services for clients that require a confidential, professional and experienced trustee.

EFSAG offers reliable advice and guidance so you can set up a trust or foundation in the most appropriate jurisdiction to meet your asset protection needs. Our specialist services will ensure you have the support required throughout the entire application and set up process of forming your chosen offshore trust or offshore foundation and additionally we will ensure you are aware of relevant laws which you must comply with.

Benefits of Offshore Trusts and Offshore Foundations

There are numerous benefits in forming an offshore trust or foundation, and depending on your selected jurisdiction and the type formed, these benefits will apply accordingly. Ultimately, they will help to preserve your wealth against any financial, political or economic risks, thus ensuring high levels of asset protection and confidentiality are achieved. In essence, they serve as effective tax planning tools for maximizing income from your estate for the benefit of yourself and your family members. Additional benefits include; protection against creditor claims, avoidance of forced heirship rules, no inheritance tax, high levels of privacy and optimization of your assets.

Offshore Trusts & Offshore Foundations we Set Up

Trust Set Up:

belize trustBelize belize trustBVI cayman trustCayman Islands
cyprus trustCyprus gibraltar trustGibraltar malta trustMalta
mauritius trustMauritius seychelles trustSeychelles

Foundation Set Up:

belize foundationBelize liechtenstein foundationLiechtenstein panama foundationPanama

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Offshore Trust Action Plan

offshore trustYour guideline and basic steps that need to be followed in order to create your own offshore trust or offshore foundationoffshore trust action plan

Trust or Foundation

offshore foundationThe main differences and why either an offshore foundation or trust should be the chosen method for offshore investorsoffshore foundation

Offshore Asset Protection

asset protectionEFSAG can assist you with your offshore asset protection needs in both establishing an offshore trust or foundationoffshore asset protection