Asset Protection Services

Asset Protection Services

Using an Offshore Trust or Foundation for Asset Protection

Offshore trusts and offshore foundations provide excellent asset protection services for the effective management of personal and corporate wealth. Both trusts and foundations provide asset protection solutions; however trusts are primarily used as an effective tax planning and profit making tool for personal wealth, whilst foundations are defined as a trust in a corporate shell and are more commonly used by corporations.

Another asset protection service provided by offshore trusts and foundations is the element of privacy and confidentiality. With regards to trusts, both the settlor and the beneficiaries can remain anonymous and donations of assets to the trust or foundation can be kept confidential.

To learn more about how offshore trusts and offshore foundations can act as a key asset protection strategy, view our Offshore Trusts and Offshore Foundations pages.

Other Asset Protection Services offered by EFSAG

In addition to trusts and foundations, EFSAG offer a range of asset protection services, including corporate structuring, tax planning and company registration. These services aim to assist you in achieving the most effective level of asset protection in a protective structure that aims to avoid heavy taxation and enhance high levels of privacy:

Corporate Structuring: Selecting an appropriate jurisdiction for the set up of your offshore corporate structure will ensure that you establish your company in the most effective manner to enhance asset protection.

Tax planning: Company tax planning allows a company to benefit from the profitable capital gains of being based in a low-taxed jurisdiction. Finding an effective tax planning solution will enhance your company’s capital and significantly reduce your tax bill.

Offshore company registration: Registering your company in a low or zero-tax offshore jurisdiction will ensure that your company benefits from the tax solutions offered by that jurisdiction, which can often mean complete exemption from taxes.

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