Offshore Foundation Services

Offshore Foundation Services

An offshore foundation is considered the corporate alternative to a trust and is a popular asset protection solution for individuals, family members, and organizations wishing to set up a charitable fund. A foundation takes on its own legal personality, can be used to charitable and non charitable purposes and has the right to sue third parties. It serves as an exceptional asset protection tool and allows for effective tax planning benefits including tax free donations for charitable foundations. With the scope of opening bank accounts and owning other companies under the foundations name, it serves as a commonly sought after asset protection solution by individuals and organizations around the world.

For detailed information on the offshore foundation jurisdictions we can help you with, please view our Offshore Foundations service page.

Offshore Foundation Services for Individuals and Businesses

Depending on the type of offshore foundation set up, there is a variety of asset types that can be held in the foundation. These assets include but are not limited to; shares and stocks, real estate, bank deposits, intellectual property, and life assurance policies.

Offshore foundations are the preferred asset protection solution for the protection of pension fund schemes, charitable work, art collections, stock option schemes, and insurance plans. A foundation has the capability to secure the wealth and assets held in the foundation and will ultimately prevent third party and creditor claims against the foundations assets.

Services associated with setting up an offshore foundation include:

– Consultancy on the most suitable jurisdiction to set up your foundation in

– Assistance with the application documents and administration of necessary paper work

– Guidance on the most appropriate type of foundation to set up in order to meet your asset protection needs and intended activity.

– Facilitation of the actual foundation formation in your chosen country

– Guidance on how to manage your foundation in line with relevant foundation laws and jurisdictional requirements

Foundation Services from EFSAG

To proceed with your offshore foundation formation process, Complete our Offshore Trust Application Form. Alternatively if you wish to speak to a member of our team regarding our offshore foundation services, please Contact Us.

EFSAG has over 15 years of specialist asset protection and tax planning experience and offers a comprehensive range of offshore foundation services to ensure your wealth management needs are met. We can assist you in the initial selection of the most suitable offshore jurisdiction and deciding on the best type of foundation to create, to the application, set up and effective administration of your foundation.