Offshore Asset Protection

Offshore Asset Protection

Creating an offshore trust or foundation is one of the most popular offshore asset protection strategies that can be used for achieving high levels of effective wealth management. Both offshore trusts and offshore foundations offer high levels of anonymity, favorable tax regimes and asset protection from forced heirship rules and unstable economies.

EFSAG offer a range of asset protection solutions that go well beyond offshore trust and foundation formation. View our Offshore Trusts and Offshore Foundations services page.

Offshore Trusts and Foundations

Offshore trusts are most notably valued for their ability to provide effective tax planning for individuals and investors, thus increasing profitability for an individual’s personal wealth, as well as enhancing the value of the trust for the future advantage of the beneficiaries. Offshore foundations, which are often compared to offshore trusts, are highly effective legal entities that cater to corporate clients who also want to achieve effective offshore asset protection. To learn more about our offshore trust and foundation services, please refer to our Offshore Trust Services section.

Effective Offshore Asset Protection provided by EFSAG

Using an offshore jurisdiction to protect your assets will provide you with a safer and more profitable environment for the effective management of your personal and corporate wealth. Choosing an offshore jurisdiction for your asset protection solution will require knowledge of the laws of your chosen jurisdiction in relation to the specific asset protection solution that you have selected.

Additional Asset Protection Services

In addition to offshore trusts and foundations, there are additional offshore asset protection solutions that can be selected from, including offshore company registration, corporate structuring and tax planning. These services will go a long way in ensuring that your assets are protected through a tailored and efficient asset protection solution.