Set Up a Trust

Set Up a Trust

When you set up a trust, you will be placing your assets within a structure that offers high levels of creditor protection and wealth preservation. This section will provide a detailed guide on how to set up a trust in the jurisdiction of your choice. Navigate your way through our comprehensive guide to learn more about the different jurisdictions available in which to set up a trust, along with the key parties involved in the structure and the type of property that can be placed within the deed. Our comprehensive guide also includes information related to foundations, including the type of property that can be placed into a foundation.

EFSAG can assist you with all of your offshore trust and foundation requirements. To learn more on all areas related to setting up a trust or foundation, please select from the list below:

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Set Up a Trust with EFSAG

When you set up a trust or foundation in an offshore jurisdiction, you will be helping to preserve your wealth against any financial, political or economic risks. EFSAG have many years of experience in offshore trusts and foundations, and can assist you every step of the way. We provide comprehensive advice and guidance on all of your formation requirements, along with the administration and management.

Please view our Action Plan to learn more about the requirements in place to set up a trust or foundation, and to see how to start the formation procedure.

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